Horizons | 2020 

The horizon is the visible line of contact of the earth or water surface with the sky, their border. This is an illusion that arises only because the earth has the spherical shape, but in reality, it does not exist, it is impossible to achieve it.  

In my work “Horizons” I work with the concept of boundaries. The border is that which separates one from the other, internal from the external, that is why things and phenomena exist. The search for the meaning of things is connected with demarcations, with the search for qualitative and quantitative boundaries. In my work, I reflect on the possibility of searching for such boundaries, on our subjective perception of demarcations.

I pair the photographs of the surface of Mars made by NASA with the photographs of my body in such a way that the relief of the surface of Mars passes into the relief of my body. Thus, I blur the boundaries between the incredibly distant and the closest, between the living and the inanimate, between my image and the stranger.